RYA Sailing School on Lake Garda - our beach
Europa Surf and Sail - RYA Sailing School on Lake Garda

Our certificate courses
Catamaran, dinghy, windsurf, keelboat and powerboat

Latest equipment, funsail, RYA, VDWS or bespoke courses

We are a registered RYA centre which gives you access to courses recognized throughout the English-speaking world, that have been developed by the RYA with decades of dinghy and windsurf sailing. We can also provide coaching and bespoke training to suit those who have less time to spend on a course or have specific needs.

We use Topper Topaz and Hobie catamarans, Topper Topaz dinghies and Starboard windsurf boards and sails, ensuring you of equipment that is easy to use and that will help you progress fast.

Foiling - the latest innovation
Dinghy and windsurf foiling

WASZP European test centre 

We run dinghy foiling using the WASZP and the foiling Laser. We also have a foiling windsurf from Starboard.

Our foiling instruction is one-to-one on the water but we may manage training with two students taking turns from a powerboat to maximize learning and reduce tiredness. 

We run our foiling courses as try lessons, 6-hour or 10-hour courses. Most students find an single hour session sufficient time during their early learning.

WASZP Foiling course
WASZP Foiling course

Dinghy sailing school
RYA and VDWS registered

VDWS and RYA dinghy sailing courses

RYA Sailing school - dinghies
Space for four or five

We can offer a funsail with an instructor which can be enjoyed as a one-off adventure or lead to a formal course enabling you to sail a dinghy. You can learn in single-handers or crewed dinghies or try both. For those wanting the full experience, we offer RYA Level 1, RYA Level 2 and RYA Level 3 dinghy sailing courses.


Catamaran school
RYA and VDWS registered

VDWS and RYA catamaran courses

RYA Sailing school - Topaz catamaran fleet
Topaz group 16, 14, 12

We can offer a funsail with an instructor which can be enjoyed as a one-off adventure or lead to a formal course enabling you to sail a catamaran. Following the RYA method, beginners usually complete a level 2 dinghy course before adding a "Catamaran endorsement" but we can also offer non-certificate courses for those who only want to learn to sail a catamaran.

Windsurf school
RYA and VDWS registered

VDWS and RYA windsurfing courses

RYA Sailing school - dinghies
Juniors windsurfing

We offer one and two-hour 'try windsurf' lessons which can be just for holiday fun or as the start of a formal windsurf course. The RYA START WINDSURF is designed for 9 hours of windsurfing over 4 days although keen windsurfers can complete the elements in two days.more

WASZP training centre
European test centre

WASZP foiling instruction

WASZP Training clinic
WASZP training clinic

The WASZP was developed by Andrew McDougall (famous also for his work developing the Moth) and can be rigged with 8.2m or 6.8m sails and with high-lift or medium lift foils.

We also have the option of trainer wing floats for improved stability when learning. The Laser foil we use was also developed by Andrew.


Keelboat sailing courses
RYA recognized

RYA Keelboat sailing courses

Keelboat course
Keelboat course

Our RYA Keeboat courses follow the same structure as dinghy sailing courses with Levels 1 to 3 and advanced modules. The most popular is a Level 2 course run as a conversion from a dinghy Level 2 certificate.

We use an SB20 which is a high performance sportboat rather than a cabin boat and the courses usually run for 2 whole days from 09:00 to 18:00 to enable us to manage berthing, rigging and preparing the boat (as a group) and maximizing the time on the water.


Powerboat courses
RYA certificates

RYA Levels 1 and 2 and Safetyboat

RYA Powerboat training
RYA Powerboat training

Our RYA Powerboat courses will teach you how to drive and manage a powerboat, competently and safely. While it might look simple, there are techniques to all the manoeuvres which require learning and practice to perform well and safely.

A Level 1 certificate demonstrates basic understanding and enables you to drive a powerboat with supervision. The Level 2 certificate is the 'driving licence' for powerboats up to 10m and in daylight. We can also run Safety boat certificate courses.