The foiling WASZP – see what the fuss is all about

The foiling WASZP – see what the fuss is all about

After seeing the WASZP demonstrated in late 2016, our instructor Marco and our friend Claudio took one for a test sail. Despite the cold October wind you can see the fun they had.

The Foiling WASZP – developed in Australia, sailed on Garda

The WASZP is a ONE DESIGN foiling single-hander that comes from the experience of Andrew McDougall, the designer of the Moth.  Although the project is relatively young – the boat was developed in 2015 and brought to market in 2016 – it is already very successful. Many top sailors have bought a WASZP to start foiling and the WASZP games in Campione, Lake Garda, attracted more than fifty entrants.

So much fun that Claudio and Europa each bought one!

Claudio was so taken with the foiling WASZP, which is half the price of a Moth and just as much fun, he ordered one immediately. Charles, the owner of Europa Surf and Sail also bought one and Marco is now our Chief Waszp Instructor.

A new boat costs around €12.000 and arrives in a white box 2.5m long by 0.6m by 0.4m. Amazing! Here is Claudio at the delivery of his new WASZP.

To see our what a foiling WASZP costs go here and for our WASZP foiling courses, go here.

To round off the introduction of our new foiling WASZP, here’s the Europa WASZP on its first outing for guests sailing with us. Welcome family Stern from Germany (Severine, Heiko, Emily, brother)  and friends.