Learning to sail the WASZP – course photos

Learning to sail the WASZP – course photos

After seeing the WASZP demonstrated in late 2016, Europa purchased one to run foiling courses on Lake Garda. Here are a selection of photos showing tries and fails as people get to grips with weight distribution, sail control and the foil adjustment in winds from nothing to windy.

The Foiling WASZP – developed in Australia, sailed on Garda

The WASZP is a ONE DESIGN foiling single-hander that comes from the experience of Andrew McDougall, the designer of the Moth.  Although the project is relatively young – the boat was developed in 2015 and brought to market in 2016 – it is already very successful. Many top sailors have bought a WASZP to start foiling and the WASZP games in Campione, Lake Garda, attracted more than fifty entrants.

We offer complete WASZP courses and WASZP try lessons!

Our chief instructor, Marco, provides the WASZP courses and is a keen WASZP sailor. As these photos show, you need the right wind for your weight to get foiling and we normally plan lessons around 2pm to 4pm to provide for a range of wind strengths.

Because you need to understand tacking in a winged boat, we may suggest going out in our ISO to get used to that. The power control is like a dinghy mainsheet but the sail behaves like a windsurf sail and to this is added the foil control twist-grip on the tiller.

All-in-all it’s likely to take a number of attempts to foil consistently (we’re not going to talk about tacking on the foils yet!) and these photos show people of all levels getting to grips with the WASZP.

To see our what a new foiling WASZP costs to buy, go here and for our WASZP foiling courses, go here.