VDWS instructor training on Lake Garda

Europa Surf and Sail hosted a VDWS Instructor training fortnight during September and October 2014. 11 sailors took the course to become VDWS watersports instructors for dinghies and for catamarans using the wide range of boats available here at Europa Surf and Sail.

VDWS instructor training, run by Christian Bartezaghi

Instructor training at Europa Surf and Sail on Lake Garda - organized by the German sailing organization VDWS. Instructors from across Italy came to participate in the training for two weeks in dinghies and catamarans and were taught the methods and syllabus of the VDWS system (similar to the RYA system but using separate advanced modules after the basic licence (or 'Grundschein').

We all learned teaching methods both theoretical and practical and had the chance to practice the manoeuvres we have to demonstrate such as sailing backwards, man overboard and coming alongside. Much of the course was in Bft 5 wind which made it challenging for all.

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