Summertime fun on a Topaz 16 catamaran

The Topper Topaz 16 catamaran is great fun for the summer holiday rentals as well as for beginner courses, especially as the occasional capsize can be fun rather than frightening.

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Capsizing the Topaz 16 catamaran can be fun!

Capsizing can be fun when its so warm in the water. Here are Stella and Isabella taking a break from sailing the Topper Topaz 16 catamaran. The water's 24 degrees and the smooth Trilam of the hulls means no injuries or scratches when playing around and no damage to the catamaran.

Part of our fleet of Topaz catamarans (we have the Topaz 14 and Topaz 12 as well) the Topaz 16 suits adults or teenagers wanting to just have fun or, with the mylar mainsail and gennaker, those who want to progress to higher performance catamarans.

Easy to sail and simple to right after a capsize, it's the ideal training boat. For heavier or more adventurous sailors we also have the Hobie 15 and Hobie 18 Pacific. See our full range of catamaran sailing courses here and our catamaran rental options here.


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