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We have refurbished a Hobie Tiger F18 catamaran while it is on loan to us at our beach. The Hobie Tiger is a Formula 18 high performance catamaran with centreboards which now has new ropes, blocks and elastics and all dents filled with the hulls polished and foils repaired which means that it is back to racing condition but of course, it had to be tested!

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Hobie Tiger at Europa Surf and Sail

John and Giuly, Ciaran and Hannah and Liam and Ciaran all trying out our new F18 catamaran, the Hobie Tiger. Now rigged with a gennaker it's tremendous fun but only available for tuition, not rental.

For our beginner catamaran courses, or RYA conversion courses, we mainly use the Hobie 15 and the Hobie 18 Pacific with lighter sailors using the Topper Topaz 16 with its simple gennaker system. More advanced courses. Our Topaz 14s and Topaz 12 enable younger sailors to sail by themselves.

Matteo and Charles managed to grab some practice time on a windy day on Lake Garda. Both were planing and demonstrating their windsurf gybe for the camera while passing close to the rubber safety boat and avoiding colliding with each other

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Matteo shows his skills performing a windsurf gybe

A windy day and a chance for one of our instructors to showcase his skills.  Catch the photo where his board isn't touching the water - spooky! It was a great day for the windsurfers (if not for the photographer in the boat) and a chance to use some of the high-end rental boards and sails.

Our full range of boards and sails for rental (and for windsurf courses) can be seen by going to the windsurf rental page and the courses on offer can be seen on the windsurfing courses page

Even a short lunch break is enough time for keen instructors to get on the water on a windy day. Here the centre manager/owner is windsurfing with our Italian instructor Matteo, practicing intermediate planing skills and gybes.

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Learn new skills on an RYA intermediate planing course

A windy day and a chance to windsurf while clients have their lunch. Charles and Matteo took the opportunity to practise and to demonstrate our Starboard boards and rigs.

The wide range of boards and sails, to suit all wind and water conditions is what makes our centre so great for intermediate planing courses (as well, of course, as our beginner and improver courses).

Our full range of courses can be seen on the windsurfing courses page and many of the boards and sails on the windsurf rental page.