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Demonstrating windsurfing on Garda Lake - the duck gybe

Windsurfing on Garda is tremendous fun as there's a strong wind on 80%+ days with a choice of Beaufort 4 to 5 in the mornings or Bft 3 - 4 in the warm, afternoon wind. See more about  windsurfing on Garda here.

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... and here's some action over the waves at Limone

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It was a rare chance for Charles to enjoy windsurfing as there was a really good wind and, strangely, no clients to watch over. It was very windy over by Limone (about 2km from our beach - 4 minutes on a planing reach!) so its the Starboard Kode 103 with a Severne Blade 5.3m.

We rent large boards and small, dacron sails to beginners and have advanced boards and performance sails for more experienced sailors. See the range here.

Even a short lunch break is enough time for keen instructors to get on the water on a windy day. Here the centre manager/owner is windsurfing with our Italian instructor Matteo, practicing intermediate planing skills and gybes.

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Learn new skills on an RYA intermediate planing course

A windy day and a chance to windsurf while clients have their lunch. Charles and Matteo took the opportunity to practise and to demonstrate our Starboard boards and rigs.

The wide range of boards and sails, to suit all wind and water conditions is what makes our centre so great for intermediate planing courses (as well, of course, as our beginner and improver courses).

Our full range of courses can be seen on the windsurfing courses page and many of the boards and sails on the windsurf rental page.