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Europa Surf and Sail - kayak rental - safe, comfortable sit-on kayaks

Our kayaks

  • Perception scooter for one person
  • Perception Gemini for two people (can take a small child also)
  • Buoyancy aids included
  • Paddle sizes from 190cm to 210cm
  • Left-handed and right-handed paddles available
  • Wetsuits can be hired separately

Kayak rental

Kayaks - family fun or solo expedition

The whole family can enjoy this world-famous sailing location at Navene on Lake Garda. Keen sailors and windsurfers can rent a wide range of modern equipment suited to all levels of experience. For others, kayaks are great for exploring, for children to use or to follow sailors on the water. With Perception "Scooter" kayaks available for hire from Europa, groups of all ages and abilities can enjoy the water together.

Go places

Head North to Tempesta or South to Malcesine

We recommend that if you are planning a sight-seeing expedition, paddle against the wind first, and return with it. Nearby Malcesine Castle looks wonderful from the lake and is a good endurance kayak while shorter expeditions can be made North to the kitesurf beach (watch out for the surfers) or south through the anchorages and around the point (the Hotel Sailing)

We ask you not to attempt a lake crossing as the ferries are a danger and have right of way

Perception Scooter

Kayaks for one on Lake Garda

A perfect way to have fun and exercise on the water, to stay with a windsurf group or to explore the bays along the lakeside.

Perception Scooter Gemini

Kayaks for two on Lake Garda

Ideal for couples or two people who want to share the effort of kayaking. There's space for two adults and a small child on these safe, comfortable kayaks

Where to go

Malcesine by kayak

Reaching Malcesine is a good challenge and well worth the effort. Its best done in a group for both safety and for fun. Please do not leave our kayaks unattended at any time as if they are stolen, you will have to pay for a replacement.

Comfortable, Safe and funr

Safe, comfortable kayaks, no experience required

DSC_0464 Perfect for holiday fun, sit-on kayaks don't scare people in the way that a full kayak with cockpit can. If you capsize, right the kayak, swim round and climb back on over the stern.

Scooter kayak rental (1 person)

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Gemini kayak rental (2 people)

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