Ex-demo windsurf sails

Ex-demo windsurf sails and used windsurf sails at great prices

We are delighted to offer these great ex-demo windsurf sails from Severne which have only been used on fresh water (Lake Garda) and well-maintained. We replace our sails every year so last year's models have been carefully used and very well maintained.

The prices represent a great opportunity to get a nearly new sail at a big discount. Our current sails can also be purchased but their prices are higher as they may have only been unpacked and not yet used!

Used windsurf sails from Severne

Great bargains from the Severne Gator, Blade, Turbo and NCX ranges

Used beginner sails

Ex-demo windsurf sails from Severne

Ask us about our used beginner sails, from 2.0m to 5.5m, all at great prices

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