Bike rental for road and mountains


Bike rental from Europa Surf and Sail, Malcesine

Bike rental from Europa Surf and Sail is easy and rewarding as you can cycle on the lakeside cyclepath or off the main road immediately. Our bikes are kept on the beach (not in a shop miles away) and can normally be taken the night before use when you rent for a half-day or more. Our bikes are full mountain bikes or road bikes from Felt - a renowned European brand.

Bike rental from Europa Surf and Sail with a view over Lake Garda

The view from the top of Monte Baldo - worth the effort!

Our bike rental
Felt mountain and hybrid bikes

  • Felt Q500 mens and Q700 womens mountain bikes with front fork suspension
  • Felt QX70 hybrid road / mountain bikes with front fork suspension
  • Helmets, repair kit included
  • Bike locks, hi-vis braces available
  • Bikes can be picked up the night before the rental period
  • Don't forget to bring identification

Well maintained mountain and road bikes

At our beachside centre, you can rent bikes suitable for the cycle way to Malcesine or bikes with front suspension suitable for an excursion on the mountain. Full suspension downhill bikes can be rented if pre-booked. Serious bikers bring your own SPD pedals and boots.

Please bring identification for us to hold for the period of the rental.

Fabulous, exciting biking around Malcesine and Lake Garda

Great trails for beginners to experts. Downhill and cross-country roads, tracks and mountain trails with the possibility to use the cable car. Take the Funivie del Baldo up 2000m and cycle back over trails from easy to severe - check the times and costs here and the latest maps here

If you don't fancy a full trail and return home, you can plan your ride to finish in Torbole and take a ferry back to Malcesine which is only 5km from our beach, along the lakeside cycleway.

Bike rental
Places to go

The lakeside cycle path

Bike rental for road bikes at Europa Surf and Sail

Along the lakeside cyclepath

Whether its a quick dash to the shops, restaurants and wine bars of Malcesine or a gentle family outing along the lakeside, the cycleway provides a safe, fun and active way to explore the lake front.

Bike rental
Places to go

Mountain biking on Monte Baldo

With a myriad of routes labelled and mapped like ski trails in order of difficulty you can enjoy spectacular biking either on the specially built cycleway by the lakeside or by taking the Malcesine Cable Car to Monte Baldo where there are tecnical tracks and precipitous downhills as well as long meandering tour routes with time to enjoy the spectacular alpine scenery and flowers.

Bike rental
Places to go

Biking around Lake Garda

Bike rental from Europa Surf and Sail - family trip to Torbole

Further afield on the lanes north of Torbole

To the North, Arco has many cycle trails and there is a path along the old railway that leads high into the mountains and over the Brenner pass. All of the ferries allow you to take a bike, so there's no limit to your range.

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