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Neues von unserem Strand

Eine Schulgruppe von 30 Schülerinnen und Schüler von Leonardo da Vinci Mittelschule in Verona gekommen, um einen Tag auf dem See zu verbringen und den Segelsport zum ersten Mal zu versuchen.

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Monday 05/18/2015 30 juniors in the first grade of Leonardo da Vinci middle school spent a day with us. They enjoyed a beautiful bike ride to visit Malcesine and its castle and catamaran and dinghy sailing! The sun and the wind made for an exciting day and none hesitated to enjoy the speed and thrills from high-speed catamarans with water spraying over everyone as the boats bounced over the waves. Everyone had a try at steering the boats and many also used the trapezes to experience  the excitement of crewing modern dinghies and catamarans! Some adrenaline and lots of laughter accompanied the trips, watched over by their school staff. The day ended with the students singing a song in English ("If you're happy and you know it ....") ! A beautiful day successful thanks to Prof. Zampieri (Giuly to us) who accompanied the kids, organized everyone and helped out with launching and recovery as well as taking the photographs above. Thanks also to the kids for joining in so enthusiastically and making our job easy! Thanks to the Leonardo da Vinci School of Verona for the wonderful day!

  • Fleet sailing
  • Practising more
  • Practising instruction
  • Running downwind
  • Our chief
  • Gybe practice
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VDWS Instruktor Ausbildung, von Christian Bartezaghi  organisiert

Instruktor Ausbildung bei "Europa Surf and Sail" am Gardasee - organisiert von der deutschen Segel Organisation VDWS. Ausbilder aus ganz Italien kam in der Ausbildung für zwei Wochen im Jollen und Katamarane zur Verfügung gestellt von Europa Surf and Sail teilnehmen.

  • Windsurfer observing Omega racing on Lake Garda
  • Omegas racing
  • Omegas racing
  • ESS Omegas racing on Lake Garda
  • Dinghy crews check their boats
  • ESS Omegas ready for racing
  • Marco prepares ESS Omegas for racing on Lake Garda

Omega-Regatta am Gardasee

Eine Gruppe von Kunden, die sich neue Fähre Antriebssysteme zu testen haben in unserem Hafen nahm einen Tag frei, um Jollensegeln in unserem Omegas zu genießen, mit ihren Test Fähre als feder Boot.

  • sup race on lake garda
  • Primo giro
  • Secondo giro
  • Intorno il isola
  • la finale

Unser SUP Instruktor Jaz gewinnt ein SUP-Rennen

Ein Abend SUP Event am Gardasee in Assenza, in der Nähe von Brenzone am Gardasee wurde von einem Instruktor aus Europa Surf and Sail gewonnen. Following on from a previous men's SUP race, this was a women's race with two heats of 10 and a final of 10 with a course around the island of Trimelone. Jaz surpassed our expectation (but maybe not hers) by proceeding to the final in second in her heat and then winning the final in a close finish that I couldn't photograph because it was dark. Tremendous paddling by Jaz, I'll not be suggesting a race against her.