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Ex-demo and used windsurf equipment at bargain prices!

Ex-demo 2016 and used windsurf equipment for sale Used windsurf equipment now available at great prices! We have used windsurf equipment in near-perfect condition for sale because new Starboard boards and Severne sails will arrive for the 2017 season. Our used and ex-demo windsurf equipment from 2016 and earlier available is at great prices.  Choose the board and…
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Demonstrating windsurfing on Garda Lake - the duck gybe

Windsurfing on Garda is tremendous fun as there's a strong wind on 80%+ days with a choice of Beaufort 4 to 5 in the mornings or Bft 3 - 4 in the warm, afternoon wind. See more about  windsurfing on Garda here.

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... and here's some action over the waves at Limone

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It was a rare chance for Charles to enjoy windsurfing as there was a really good wind and, strangely, no clients to watch over. It was very windy over by Limone (about 2km from our beach - 4 minutes on a planing reach!) so its the Starboard Kode 103 with a Severne Blade 5.3m.

We rent large boards and small, dacron sails to beginners and have advanced boards and performance sails for more experienced sailors. See the range here.

Having fun learning to windsurf on Lake Garda

Marco showing that learning to windsurf is also great fun, especially at Europa Surf and Sail. With the focus on getting on the water and experiencing windsurfing, even if that means being towed for a while, everyone gets to travel around the lake and see the wonderful sights.

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Learning to windsurf with some extra fun from Marco

Beware though as he's very strict. When he says "Spaghetti!" you jump in, when he says "Pomodoro!" stand on one foot, when he says "Pizza" you kneel on the board and for "Cipolla!" you drag a foot in the water. Sometimes ex-students still jump when they hear him!

We run courses for all ages and abilities, usually with small groups or a family. See our courses here.

Our Starboard tandem windsurf requires great teamwork to sail well, so two of our instructors couldnt resist putting on a show for the beach. Well done Jonathan and Harry.

Jonathan and Harry take out our tandem windsurf

Two of our instructors get the chance for teamwork on the spectacular but difficult art of tandem windsurf sailing. Usually sailed with the larger sail astern and the smaller sail in front to permit ordinary tacks without the leading boom hitting the mast behind.

Over waves on a windy day, it really flies along and is spectacular to watch but there are twice as many possibilities for error with two sailors on one board!

This board is available for rent, along with a wide selection of boards and sails from Europa Surf and Sail. See our rental options and prices here.