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Europa Surf and Sail hosted a VDWS Instructor training fortnight during September and October 2014. 11 sailors took the course to become VDWS watersports instructors for dinghies and for catamarans using the wide range of boats available here at Europa Surf and Sail.
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VDWS instructor training, run by Christian Bartezaghi

Instructor training at Europa Surf and Sail on Lake Garda - organized by the German sailing organization VDWS. Instructors from across Italy came to participate in the training for two weeks in dinghies and catamarans and were taught the methods and syllabus of the VDWS system (similar to the RYA system but using separate advanced modules after the basic licence (or 'Grundschein').

We all learned teaching methods both theoretical and practical and had the chance to practice the manoeuvres we have to demonstrate such as sailing backwards, man overboard and coming alongside. Much of the course was in Bft 5 wind which made it challenging for all.

A group of engineers working on ferry propulsion systems organized a Omega regatta using our Topper Topaz Omegas. Ideal boats for less experienced dinghy sailors, they proved perfect for the mix of skills in the crews.
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Topaz Omega regatta on Lake Garda

A group of clients who have been testing new ferry propulsion systems at our port took a day off work to enjoy dinghy sailing in our Omegas, using their test ferry as the committee boat.

The boats proved excellent for their regatta and they took their racing seriously. Our instructor Jonathan can be seen watching their starting technique while teaching in one of our Argos.
The Omegas and Argos are our main sailing school boats but are usually also available for rental. For rental details, see our dinghy rental page.

An evening SUP race on the lake at Assenza, near Brenzone was set up by one of the nearby beach centres. The men and women raced a heat and a finals around the island of Trimelone.

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Our instructor Jaz took on the locals in a SUP race

Following on from a previous week's men's SUP race, this was a women's race with two heats of 10 and a final of 10 with a course around the island of Trimelone.

Jaz surpassed our expectation (but maybe not hers) by proceeding to the final in second in her heat and then winning the final in a close finish that I couldn't photograph because it was dark.

Tremendous paddling by Jaz, I'll not be suggesting a race against her. Our Red Paddle SUPs can be hired by the hour and are perfect for newcomers to the sport  (we also provide lessons) or just those wanting fun on the water.

Our Starboard tandem windsurf requires great teamwork to sail well, so two of our instructors couldnt resist putting on a show for the beach. Well done Jonathan and Harry.

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Jonathan and Harry take out our tandem windsurf

Two of our instructors get the chance for teamwork on the spectacular but difficult art of tandem windsurf sailing. Usually sailed with the larger sail astern and the smaller sail in front to permit ordinary tacks without the leading boom hitting the mast behind.

Over waves on a windy day, it really flies along and is spectacular to watch but there are twice as many possibilities for error with two sailors on one board!

This board is available for rent, along with a wide selection of boards and sails from Europa Surf and Sail. See our rental options and prices here.

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